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Wedding Dress & Bridal Alterations In House

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We believe in having your wedding dress perfected hassle free with alterations performed by our in house trained seamstress who as years of experience.

1. Yes, we offer in-house alteration services

Yes, we offer this luxury, that will definitely help you stay within your wedding dress fitting timeline. Our seamstresses are award winning bridal SARTA’S, and have 45 years in the industry. You will be in safe hands with our “gems” ! They are wonderful, talented and English speaking seamstresses that you will feel very at ease with. Ask them as many questions you would like to, and voice what you want. They will do their very best to get you to what you envision. Their talented work is very hard to find ! Alterations range anywhere from $100-$1000, depending on what needs to be done. You will always get a quote first, before any work is done and signed off on. We offer this as a extra and convenient service and it is your choice if you would like to use our seam-stressing department.


2. Yes, your gown needs to be fitted

Wedding dresses aren’t typically made-to-measure, so very rarely does a bride’s size match a designer’s size perfectly. After you say yes to the dress, the TWO Bridal Boutique Team Members TAKES your measurements and compares it to the designer’s size chart and orders the closest size of gown that will BEST FIT YOU, WE ALWAYS HAVE TO FIT THE LARGEST MEASUREMENT, AND PICK THE SIZE THAT MEASUREMENT FITS INTO. THE RULE OF THUMB IS ITS ALWAYS EASIER AND SAFER TO TAKE IN THE GOWN VERSUS RELEASE, AS USUALLY THE GOWNS COME WITH A INCH SEAM ALLOWANCE ON EACH SIDE. DON’T FRET IF YOUR MEASUREMENTS FELL INTO A LARGER SIZE THAN YOU NORMALLY WEAR, AS BRIDAL SIZING IS USUALLY TOTALLY DIFFERENT, AND TYPICALLY A BRIDE GOES UP 2 SIZES IN BRIDAL. Once your gown arrives, the gown must then be tailored precisely, to fit your shape and form, along with length, and usually bra cups are inserted, bustles, and dance loop.


3. Usually three dress fittings

We usually recommend that brides have three wedding dress fittings. If you purchased in stock gown, you can Schedule your first fitting as soon as you like but no later than two to three months before your wedding day, the Bridal Boutique of Arizona TEAM will then schedule you at two week intervals so you get your place in line with all the other brides who have fittings during the same time. If your gown is specially ordered, once it arrives we will give you a call to come in within a week of it arriving to give it a try. You are welcome to start a dress fitting then or at a later date, but no later than two or three months before the wedding. If your gown comes in one month before the wedding we will make sure you will be fit in right away and get your gown altered as soon as possible to give you that peace of mind your gown will steamed and ready waiting in our pick up storage area for puck up closer to your wedding date.


4. Bring the right bridal accessories

For your first fitting, bring the shoes and undergarments you plan to wear on your wedding day, as these can greatly impact the fit of your gown. Donning a pair of skyhigh Badgley Mischka stilettos will require your wedding dress to be a different length than if you opted for a pair of sparkly Kate Spade bridal sneakers. Another pro tip for wedding dress alterations? To ensure your dress is tailored to the exact fit you want while walking down the aisle, you may choose to wear any and all shapewear or
undergarments you plan to sport on the big day itself. Note** most of our brides wear the bra cups we put in at the dress fitting, and the bride ops for this versus a bra.


4. Be selective when choosing your entourage

Please try to bring only one or two close friends or family members to get a second opinion. But just like dress shopping, don’t bring too many people—all those opinions will stress you out and make our seamstresses job that much more difficult. At the last fitting, bring your mom or maid of honor to get a tutorial in bustling your gown—they’ll need to handle this important task on your wedding day.


5. Include alterations in your budget

Be sure to factor wedding dress alterations into your overall budget. While they vary from dress to dress, alterations can cost is typically around $500, however, they start from $100 and can reach up to $1000 if customization is chosen. As mentioned before, you will always get a quote before started, and signed off on.