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Since 2016 Bridal Boutique of Arizona was created in a historic 100 year old bank and became a quaint, airy and trendy Bridal Boutique in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.




Since 2016 Bridal Boutique of Arizona was created in a historic 100 year old bank and became a quaint, airy and trendy Bridal Boutique in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Bridal Boutique of Arizona is a full service, high fashion boutique designed to elevate the wedding gown shopping experience. BBAZ, as they lovingly refer to it, is located in a historic building in Phoenix’s Downtown Coronado District offers a luxurious yet inviting shopping atmosphere. Our brides can comfortably shop exclusive and exquisite bridal designs.

Bridal Boutique of Arizona is committed to providing the most elegant and exclusive wedding dresses in Arizona.

The additional owner Steve Larkin is the Managing partners and brings this high fashion boutique all his management experience from his career in the finance industry  to elevate the wedding gown shopping experience.. These unique partners, along with a diverse group of staff are guaranteed to give you the most assured, genuine, stress free, bridal experience.  Carla and her team will do everything in their power to make this part of the brides wedding, one of the very best one can find.



The team at BBAZ:

Carla Mignaca

Carla comes from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. That is where she had her first extremely profitable bridal shop called Stella’s Bridal Galleria.  After 10 years of living in Italy half the year and Scottsdale for the remainder, she decided to settle down in her home city of 1 million. Carla was trained by the original owner of Stella’s for 3 months, and at the time she purchased the shop, the sales were $350,000 with 3 staff. By year three the sales were 1 million and she had to move to a larger location. Once at the new location, where she renovated the space, the sales grew to 2 million and 22 sales staff. Carla’s passion was always fashion and she never found working within bridal to be real work. There was a total of 6500 gowns being shipped in and tailored annually made up of bridal, bridesmaids, prom and mother of the bride gowns. The sales and accolades came yearly “ for best in bridal” by the consumers choice awards, until the year she sold.  The shop still remains a strong staple in Winnipeg for formal wear.
Carla decided to sell her shop and move to Scottsdale permanently as she inherited her grandparents winter home.  She looked at numerous businesses, but was pulled back to bridal, her passion, and decided to follow the recipe of success she found within the industry with Bridal Boutique of Arizona. Her start up costs where 1.3 million in cash, which most came from the sale of Stella’s bridal.  At 47 she still feels years of success can be made within this industry and is ready to take it on with Steve Larkin and their families.

Steve Larkin




Steve Larkin, a native Midwest guy from Indiana but now residing in Chandler, AZ for 17 years brings 20 plus years of financial experience and business knowledge to the team. With a past history as a forensic auditor, underwriter and with strong self employment skills makes this a great fit for bridal boutique and the future of the company. Steve manages the day to day operations to make sure all company operations are in line with company goals and excellent customer service.




Bringing sexy back to bridal

Housed in a historically rich building in Central Phoenix, Carla and her team are bringing sexy back to bridal. They’ve created a European style, high fashion boutique, right in Phoenix’s Downtown District. “We love being part of this revitalized district – so many chic restaurants and businesses! We are excited about joining and giving back to this vibrant community.”


Supporting Chrysalis

Carla has already started her mission to give back.
A part of every gown sold at BBAZ will support Chrysalis, a non-profit helping victims of domestic abuse. “It is important to me to empower women…whether it’s by finding a gown that inspires confidence or by giving the resources to get back on their feet. I want all women to stand tall.” Are you ready for a new kind of bridal experience? Bridal Boutique of Arizona is scheduling appointments now. Be sure to follow them on social media, too.